PREVIEW: Apocalyptica @ Brighton Dome, 27/02/2018

The real pioneers of Finnish Rock, symphonic metal to accompany the complete destruction of the world. A true masterpiece, a new genre created over 21 years ago by classically trained cellists Eicca Toppinen, Paavo Lötjönen, Perttu Kivilaakso and drummer Mikko Sirén. Since 1993, Apocalyptica have sold millions of records and sold out shows all around the world.  ‘Plays Metallica by Four Cellos’ is not only the title of the upcoming Brighton show but the debut album Apocalyptica released in 1996

REVIEW: Bonobo @ Brighton Centre, 26/11/2017-

If you get most of your general updates about the world through social media, you must know all famous and rich people dream of living in Brighton and Hove. Thinking of the recent news; Leonardo DiCaprio is moving to Brighton; or the rumour that Katy Perry is considering to settle into our beautiful seaside town.  The ugly truth is that we are more likely to see a seagull dressed up as fish and chips, shouting ‘I want to eat myself’, than seeing Leo & Katy shaking their booties in our iconic bar

REVIEW: The Butch Monologues @ The Marlborough, 15/11/2017

The tickets for Wednesday show of The Butch Monologues were sold out weeks before the actual event. As we know, Brighton is outstanding with its famous queer community, so there is no surprise why the Brighton showing celebrated with a full house on 15th November. The performance was held in the Friends’ Meeting House, since perhaps the Marlborough’s theatre room simply did not have enough space to be able to host the show. The auditorium quickly filled up with people; curious people, femmes, b

REVIEW: We are Ian @ Komedia, 31/05/2017

Illegal raves…acid parties? We are Ian is a 5-star theatre experience! A legal rave is awaiting for you at Komedia. I have visited Komedia many times this month, due to Brighton Fringe, and I have seen incredible shows and performers. But I must say We Are Ian was far the best theatre experience I have ever had in Brighton Fringe. Extremely smart production. Three Weeks says it: “Demonstrates how having a dance can be a defiantly political act. You need to experience it for yourselves.” The sh

REVIEW: Fado w/ Claudia Aurora @ Komedia, 17/5/2017

From the 5th of May to the 7th of June, England’s largest art festival Brighton Fringe is back with diverse range of art, performance and music events. As part of the Fringe, Komedia plays host to the beautifully melancholic show, Fado. The music was performed by some extremely talented musicians: the Portuguese Claudia Aurora and her band. This wasn’t the first time they played in Brighton, and certainly not the last. As Claudia said “I love Brighton. I think it is my sixth time here and I’ll

REVIEW: Le Tout-Puissant Orchestre Poly-Rythmo @ Komedia, 30/05/2017

The Verse’s Csenge Krokovay reviews African Night Fever & Zaza Music: Le Tout-Puissant Orchestre Poly-Rythmo at Brighton’s Komedia, Tuesday 30th May 2017 When you can’t go to Africa, Africa comes to Brighton. Komedia hosted African Night Fever & Zaza Music on the 30th of May, featuring Le Tout-Puissant Orchestre Poly-Rythmo. The original band, Orchestre Poly-Rythmo de Cotonou, was founded by bandleader Malome Clement in the coastal town of Cotonou, and proudly remains the oldest active orchest

Film Review: Innocence of Memories at Cinecity Film Festival, Dukes @ Komedia, 25/11/15

Who could not fall in love with the city of Istanbul after visiting it? This is exactly what happened to Grant Gee, the director of the newly released documentary film, Innocence of Memories. “I visited Istanbul for a few days and I knew I want to shoot a movie here”, said the British film-maker, who spoke to press after the screening of the premier at the CineCity film festival. The film tightly revolves around Orhan Pamuk’s novel, the Turkish author’s masterpiece, about love and loss: The Mu

REVIEW: Diary of a Hounslow Girl - Presented by Brighton Dome, 27/3/2017

“I ain’t kiddin orite, there is such thing as Hounslow Girl… didn’t you not know that?” A Hounslow girl is a young teenager, born and raised in the borough in West London – and she’s easy to recognise. She is 16, wears a hijab with big hoop earrings – religious, but expressive. She is loud; she acts street wise and confident. She explains that she always wears her hijab (even in the bath tub) because she has to be faithful to her religion. Even so, she experiences all the aspects of traditional

Exhibition Review: From Syria with Love @ ONCA Gallery

Syria is in trouble and they need our help. That was Baraa Ehsaan Kouja’s message, with organizing the exhibition ‘From Syria with Love’. In this three day long exhibition we could see Syrian children’s artwork from Lebanese refugee camps, showing that these children have dreams, talent, and that we should not let this generation get lost. Since 2011 the situation in Syria has been getting worse. We should note that Syria’s civil war is the worst humanitarian crisis of our time. More than 11 m

REVIEW: Robert Ellis @ Prince Albert, 15/11/2016

Last Tuesday night Robert Ellis entertained the Prince Albert’s crowd with his unique country-folk music.  Before that, the talented young musician Jenny O. got on stage, and, playing her poetic acoustic guitar, gave an amazing opening to the night. The crowd was not innumerous, but fans and newcomers filled up the concert hall anyway. This was not the first time Robert and Jenny, both American songwriters, shared a stage, as they supported each other in several tours before. Their different st

REVIEW: Tony Law @ The Old Market, 19/03/2017

Last night I had the chance to go and see the award-winning comedian Tony Law at Old Market’s stage. The Canadian comedian brought a bizarre, but uplifting energy with himself. Once he started the night, he never stopped, jumping from joke to joke, story to story he had a powerful ‘show must go on’ attitude. At first glance I could tell, he has a big fan club out there and it was shown as soon as he entered the stage, his supporters burst out in laughter. Although, who wouldn’t laugh, when s

Review: Simon Munnery @ The Old Market, 5/12/16

Last Friday, the Old Market was home to the well-known comedian Simon Munnery, who brought his new stand-up show ‘And Nothing But’ to town. The theatre room filled with people and finally the show started at 8pm. Firstly, Simon invited Jordan Brooks to the stage, a young comedian from Cardiff, who successfully warmed up the audience of The Old Market with his sarcastic jokes in the first 30 minutes. We also had the chance to travel in time with him as he brought his own time machine; however de

PREVIEW: The Butch Monologues @ The Marlborough Theatre, 15/11/17

This and so much more we can expect in Laura Bridgeman’s play – The Butch Monologues, directed by Julie McNamara. Prepare to hear secret stories taken from interviews with butches, masculine women and gender queers from all around the world. The play is performed by The Drakers, a group of all-masculine women who joined together in friendship to promote butch pride and masculine solidarity on stage and through other media. They are also involved with numerous creative projects as well as party-

PREVIEW: Simon Munnery @ Old Market, 2/2/2017

After he last performed in Brighton with his show And Nothing But, multi award-winning comedian, Simon Munnery is back to the stage in the Old Market. Yes, he is on tour again, offering up his new comedy-show called Standing Still. Although the name doesn’t say much at first, the performer’s promise is a vivid night with an opening routine to die for. Don’t worry, knowing Simon’s comedies, I know everyone will get home safe, but no one will leave with empty hands. Simon is a very experienced pe

Preview: Comedian Simon Munnery at The Old Market, 5/2/16

Calling all comedy lovers of Brighton, prepare yourself because in February Multi award winning comedian, Simon Munnery, will bring his new stand-up show ‘And nothing but’ to your doorstep. You might remember him from his early 90’s character alter ego Alan Parker: Urban Warrior or Buckethead and The League Against Tedium; he’s also a star of Comedy Central’s Alternative Comedy Experience – as seen on BBC2’s Culture Show and heard on Radio 4’s News Quiz. Munnery, after a successful tour of the

Glug with Good Heart - Coffee Week Returns to Brighton!

Have you heard of Brighton’s Coffee Week? If not, and you missed the last one, don’t panic – nationwide celebration of coffee and fundraising campaign, UK Coffee Week,  returns to Brighton in a few days, and this year it is promised to be the largest ever – with over 40 cafes set to take part across the country. From the 10th – 16th April, UK Coffee Week promises workshops, events and competitions for coffee lovers all across Brighton, from Small Batch at Goldstone Villas in Hove to Marwood’s o

Film Review: Andrew Haigh's '45 Years'

This British drama, 45 years (2015), has been screened at many famous film festivals, such as the 65th Berlin International Film Festival and the 2015 Toronto International Film Festival; Charlotte Rampling, the female lead role, even received a nomination for Best Actress in a Leading Role on the 88th Academy Awards. This movie definitely has a lot to say to the audience. The film is based on the short story In Another Country, by David Constantine, which tells of a story about an old couple, K

REVIEW: Naked Girls Reading @ Komedia, 21/05/2017

The Verse’s Csenge Krokovay reviews Naked Girls Reading featuring Burlexe at Brighton’s Komedia, Sunday 21st May 2017 We can do it or Free the Nipple? Slogans we have all heard. Gender equality at its finest. Gender equality has always been a highly discussed topic; from theatre shows to books, activists are all promoting ideas of equivalence. Although we have achieved great progress for the equality of women, there is still a lot to do for feminist fighters. Many women still suffer from discr